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For many of us, there are times in our lives when we are wandering and aimless. Where there was once zeal and enthusiasm, there is now only emptiness or even despair. We can convince ourselves that everything is “okay” and “fine,” but in quiet moments of reflection, we allow ourselves to see the truth.

Something feels missing, but what?

Meaning can be derived from numerous facets of our lives. Sometimes it’s easier to find in just one or two unexpected things, but at other times even that can prove elusive.

Stress can cause us to experience tunnel vision, whereby we can only see and react to what is directly in front of us. We box ourselves in, and the demands of technology can lead to persistently feeling a need to react. This leaves us little space to assert ourselves and to examine our own priorities. We can start to feel lost.  

Therapy isn’t just about reflecting on your childhood.

At Aspire Therapy Center, we take pride in having clinicians who appreciate the importance of finding and navigating your own course. We help our clients pursue the purposeful lives they are seeking. And we understand and appreciate the desire to achieve. We strongly believe in therapy as an avenue to explore values and to find your path to meaning and purpose.

Initial sessions focus on providing a safe space to process the present, past, and future. We work together to identify desired areas of growth and change. Part of the therapeutic process is reconnecting with yourself and identifying what’s holding you back.

Realize the life you dream about living.

We can often resist change because of old narratives about our lives that are no longer working for us. Therapy helps to look at old patterns, thoughts, and behaviors, and to free us from their grip.

We create an action plan together and provide a place to stay accountable. We will troubleshoot and refine the pursuit of a new path.

There is hope and a way back to a passionate life. Let us help you!

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