Gain clarity and stay the course

Sometimes we know exactly what we want. We can describe our vision for the future but feel lost as to how to get there. Something is holding us back.

At times our goals feel so lofty, we fear we will fall on the climb. We are looking for someone to reassure and reinvigorate us and to validate our pursuits.

In other instances, bad habits like procrastination, poor time management, or limited self-care are holding us back.

Nothing is “wrong,” per se, but you may need space, time, and support to put your ideas together and/or to plan to make changes.

Coaching is about gaining clarity and staying the course.

When coaching makes sense

A student about to graduate (we’ll call her “Marta”)

Marta was a semester away from graduation. She knew she wanted to get a job in graphic design in Silicon Valley. She was an over-achiever and had committed to finishing out her college career on a high note. With all her projects in the balance, Marta was struggling to prioritize and create time to prepare her portfolio and apply for jobs.

When Marta did look at job opportunities, she would second guess whether they were a good fit and inevitably miss the application deadline. Marta knew what she was looking for but needed a plan to get her to where she wanted to be.

After a few coaching sessions, Marta had created time and space to work on her portfolio and apply for jobs. She navigated some challenging interviews and, in the end, got the dream job she had sought.

Shifting gears (“Adam”)

Adam has sustained a successful career in the industry as an editor for an acclaimed television series. He’d happened across the opportunity, and although he’d aspired to be a director, he forged ahead. That was 7 years ago!

Adam was yearning to reassert his creativity. He had been working on projects on the side but was feeling uncertain as to how to balance his time while starting his own film production company.

Coaching helped Adam reflect on the ambivalence he was feeling about shifting into entrepreneurship. He needed space to clarify what was holding him back and to consider how he would like to transition into the life he had always wanted for himself.

Make the best choice

If you feel like you are at a crossroads, coaching can provide you the support and motivation you need to decide on a direction and move forward.

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