Sierra Madre Office Psychologists and Therapists

Dr. Melissa McMullin, Founder and Licensed Psychologist (PSY23314)

Hi, I’m Melissa McMullin. I founded Aspire Therapy Center in hopes of meeting a unique need in the community. Many practices focus on what’s “wrong” with a client and how to “fix” them.

Therapy is so much more than that! It’s an opportunity to learn and grow with intention, a chance to become more resilient and happier with ourselves and more confident in relationships. Most of all, it’s a place to explore and actualize things that provide you with meaning and purpose.

Throughout my years in practice and while earning my doctorate at Stanford, I’ve worked with people from very diverse backgrounds. I’ve found that establishing trust, exploring life goals, creating a plan, and providing tools to achieve their goals is a most effective therapeutic approach.

I have worked at Claremont Colleges and USC, where I advocated for students with disabilities, including ADHD, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities/chronic illness. I’m aware of the unique demands of higher education and the challenge of sustaining a life-study balance.

I’m passionate about providing services to expectant and new mothers. Adjusting to the demands of parenting is deeply life-altering and challenging. By exploring your childhood experiences and your expectations of parenting, we can create greater peace, focus, and resilience to surf the never-ending tides of parenting.

Carly Claire Biros, LCSW #101103

I’m Carly McMaster. I am so happy you found your way here. I believe that all people are naturally on a path towards self-actualization and personal fulfillment, and my role as your therapist is to help remove any of the roadblocks getting in your way. I believe that all my clients have the capacity to make changes in their lives for the better and heal from past wounds. I will provide honest and direct feedback when needed, but I will always start by building a foundation of warmth, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. I want to work with you on setting goals that you find meaningful and push you to challenge yourself.

I want to help you find the joy (and sometimes the humor!) in the journey to answering some of life’s big questions: who am I, who do I want to be, and who do I want to surround myself with? I have a wealth of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults who are embarking on the lifelong task of carving out their unique identities. I feel so honored to hear each of my clients’ stories and recognize that you are the true expert of your own experience.

I am fascinated by the development of identity, and how all the various and sundry bumps along the way shape who we are. I have a particular passion for supporting young people who may be questioning their gender identity and sexuality, and I have a strong appreciation for the spectrum and fluidity of gender and sexuality. I am passionate and knowledgeable about advocating for my clients in pursuing gender affirming healthcare, if that is something they need support in. I also have expertise in the processing and healing of trauma, grief, and loss. Few, if any, of us make it through our first few decades untouched by trauma and loss, and I believe that there is no experience “too small” to make an impact on our emotional wellbeing. While there are certainly no “bad” emotions, I am well equipped to support you in finding healthier ways to tend to big emotions to replace unhealthy ways of coping. I practice from a harm-reduction model when it comes to unhealthy or addictive behaviors, and I will always meet you where you are at.

Outside of the therapy office, I am a lifelong equestrian, baker, traveler, foodie, and novel-devourer. I love taking advantage of our beautiful Angeles hiking trails with my family and two dogs.