Another homework battle…

“I don’t understand why he won’t finish his work. He gets it done so quickly; what’s the big deal?!” I say with exasperation to my spouse.

“Maybe it’s just a phase; I wouldn’t worry about it,” my spouse retorts.

I know his grades are slipping, and I can’t help but worry about the doors of opportunity closing.

He is so articulate, and he reads philosophy in his spare time!

“His teacher thinks he’s gifted and is wondering if he is bored,” I ponder aloud.

VIP Status?

While many people think gifted and talented is a VIP status for getting what you want from life, people rarely consider the impact of being smart on our emotional well-being and actual experience in school.

While giftedness can certainly make traditional learning easy, it can also make it feel boring, uninspiring, and meaningless.

Your child may be on autopilot, and it seems like something is missing. Children who are gifted and talented require educational intervention to keep them engaged. They may also be more sensitive than their peers, which can require more emotional support.

Assessment can help clarify

Gifted children and adults are prone to underachieve if they are not adequately challenged by their environment.

Assessment is often the first step in clarifying if giftedness and/or other factors are impacting your child.

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