South Pasadena Psychologists and Therapists

Dr. Melissa McMullin, Founder and Licensed Psychologist (PSY23314)

Hi, I’m Melissa McMullin. I founded Aspire Therapy Center in hopes of meeting a unique need in the community. Many practices focus on what’s “wrong” with a client and how to “fix” them.

Therapy is so much more than that! It’s an opportunity to learn and grow with intention, a chance to become more resilient and happier with ourselves and more confident in relationships. Most of all, it’s a place to explore and actualize things that provide you with meaning and purpose.

Throughout my years in practice and while earning my doctorate at Stanford, I’ve worked with people from very diverse backgrounds. I’ve found that establishing trust, exploring life goals, creating a plan, and providing tools to achieve their goals is a most effective therapeutic approach.

I have worked at Claremont Colleges and USC, where I advocated for students with disabilities, including ADHD, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities/chronic illness. I’m aware of the unique demands of higher education and the challenge of sustaining a life-study balance.

I’m passionate about providing services to expectant and new mothers. Adjusting to the demands of parenting is deeply life-altering and challenging. By exploring your childhood experiences and your expectations of parenting, we can create greater peace, focus, and resilience to surf the never-ending tides of parenting.

Dr. Tina Bradley, Licensed Psychologist (PSY23784)

I strongly believe in the resilient spirit we all possess. I sought my doctorate to learn to help people harness their inner strength. My work focuses on uncovering and reconnecting to your unique purpose by revisiting the past and learning new ways to cope with the here and now.

My approach is holistic and emphasizes health and well-being in all aspects of your life. When appropriate, I use hypnosis to allow you to access parts of yourself from which you may have become disconnected. Sessions with me often involve relaxation and visualization as well.

I enjoy working with individuals who are seeking self-discovery and to reconnect with themselves and find their path again. I have worked extensively with people managing pain, seeking enhanced performance, and looking to reduce stress and worry.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy engaging in self-care and exercise, and I am a dog enthusiast.

Dr. Amy Caffero-Tolemy, Licensed Psychologist (PSY27655)

I became a psychologist to help guide people navigate through times of uncertainty. When we experience stress and change, often old ways of coping become ineffective. Therapy provides the opportunity to examine and question previously established patterns of thoughts and behavior, which can lead to growth and changes that you are seeking.

Prior to joining Aspire Therapy Center, I helped individuals alleviate substance reliance, reduce chronic pain, and manage bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. I also love working with children and adolescents, particularly children on the autism spectrum, as I have extensive background in ABA.

While completing my doctorate, I gained expertise in diagnosis and assessments related to a wide variety of concerns and can interpret and use results from these evaluations to advocate for your needs.

Outside of work, I volunteer doing animal rescue work.

Dr. Elizabeth Shouse, Licensed Psychologist (PSY27796)

I believe strongly in connecting body and mind to overcome our struggles. My work focuses on facilitating healthful changes to both. I use mindfulness, relaxation, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help foster a balance and integration of the physical and the psychological.

My work outside of Aspire Therapy focuses on navigating and overcoming difficulties associated with chronic illness and pain. I also work extensively with anxiety, phobias, OCD and eating disorders.

In addition to my therapeutic work, I provide assessments related to attention, learning, career, and surgery readiness.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning about advances in health and medicine, including holistic paradigms and alternative medicine.

Dr. Briana Hedman, Psychological Assistant (PSB94023355)

Hi, I’m Briana. I enjoy working with people who are curious and motivated to better understand themselves and learn new ways of coping with life’s challenges. My own curiosity led me to obtain a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver.

Let’s take the first step toward change together! I can help you set meaningful, attainable, and measurable goals so that you can thrive.

My early career included working with students in college counseling centers and with chronic pain patients at the VA. In addition to working with adolescents and adults struggling with painful issues, I also have expertise with leadership development and working with women in male-dominated industries.

I have enjoyed living in many different places around the country as I pursued my education, but I am so happy to be back in my hometown. My life is enriched by family and friends, spending time outdoors, and traveling.

Dr. Gina Golden-Tangalakis, Licensed Psychologist (PSY16339)

With over 20 years of experience, I have gained a great deal of insight into working with people of all ages and throughout all stages of life.  I enjoy working with children and their families, adults and couples, as well as older adults dealing with their own unique life stage transitions.   I work collaboratively to help enhance the lives and relationships of those with whom I work.  I have significant experience working with artists, families of serious athletes, those in the medical, and mental health professions.  My therapeutic approach considers your goals in tandem with patterns in your daily life that may be holding you back.

At times, challenges in life may require unique exploration that can help to understand and explain certain types of struggles.  Furthering my education with postdoctoral training in neuropsychology and psychological assessment of individuals of all ages allows me to assist others with their processes in developmental, therapeutic, and academic areas.

As a clinical psychologist, I utilize my interests in mind-body relationships to help understand and foster growth and development.   Therapy is provided through an integration of therapeutic processes with sensitivity toward development, relational interactions, and creative aspects of the self.