Teen Therapy

Does a conversation like this sound familiar?

Sophie is staring at her phone at the dinner table, again, when I realize I haven’t really talked to her in months. I’ve hardly seen her!

“Do you want to go to a movie tomorrow?” I ask.

“Can’t; I have rehearsal after school and then a meeting about that volunteer project. Then I will probably hang out with friends,” she says, without even looking up from her phone.

“What if you take the night off from the project? I can come get you after rehearsal.”

“I can’t skip the project! You don’t get it! If I don’t finish the project, I won’t be project manager. Then it won’t matter that I’ve volunteered with them because no colleges will care, and I won’t get in anywhere!”

Is there space to live?

The demands on teens’ time and energy is greater than ever. With so many activities, it can be challenging for them to just slow down. They strive to do everything; is it worth it?

Perhaps your child seems more withdrawn or secretive than you’d expect. They may spend days or weeks going full force only to end up unable to go to school for a few days because they are “sick.”

Of course, they don’t feel well! They are trying to do everything. Teens who head down this path struggle with anxiety and, at times, depression. It can be full throttle one day and full stop the next.

How can we as parents help teens find balance?

Perhaps you’ve heard your teen say, “I don’t care anymore. There’s no point.”

Teens need a space to re-evaluate their goals, explore their feelings, and reconnect with what really matters to them.

Get them the help they need. Therapy can allow them to reboot and re-energize. It can also be a place for all of you to reconnect.

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