It’s becoming more and more difficult to work and learn lately.  I’ve tried to cut back on screen time, to exercise, sleep better, eat healthier, reduce caffeine, increase caffeine!  Nothing seems to work.  With everything requiring my virtual attendance, it feels like I’m missing out on life!  I’m not meeting deadlines and gaining nothing from my work.

Something’s not right; maybe I have ADHD!

Or, maybe I’m just depressed.  Everyone seems depressed right now!  I really wish I knew if something more serious was going on.  Things just aren’t working the way they are.

Here at Aspire, we have been hearing these sorts of complaints more routinely.  New learning environments and strange work situations have led to people feeling like they are gaining less from the time they spend learning/working and yet spending more time doing it!  It’s exhausting for all of us, but for some, there are other factors involved that need to be addressed.

woman taking patient appointmentThat’s where assessment comes in!  Telehealth assessment provides a snapshot of how someone learns, processes information, remembers things, and how they feel.  It tells us about their attention, memory, academic skills, ability to process different information, and general mental health.  This information provides answers, and, better still, assessment provides an opportunity to plan for ways to make meaningful changes and to improve work and learning outcomes.

To complete an assessment, all you need is access to a quiet environment, a phone, a laptop and a set of wired headphones.  We can assess those as young as 5 and as old as 100 via telehealth assessment.  Sessions are generally shorter for telehealth than for in-person assessment, so that you have time to demonstrate your best effort.  Once the diagnostics are complete, we can set up an appointment to go over the results and can provide you with a formal report to help navigate the path to success.

If you are interested in telehealth assessments, please click here  or call (323)345-1402 to make an appointment and get started on the road to a brighter future.