Mind vs. Body

When there’s no fight left…

It’s been months of pain and crying myself to sleep. I grit my teeth and try to stay strong for the day, but I feel so depleted!

I love life, but between the medications, doctors’ appointments, mandated self-care, and the life I want to live – it’s exhausting.

Why me; what did I do wrong? I don’t want to feel like this anymore!

Turning down time with friends or even my family sucks, and no one seems to get it!

I feel so alone and doomed to drag my useless body along through life. When am I going to feel better?!

Where’s my old life? Everyone is telling me I just need to take better care of myself, but all I do is care for myself!

Chronic Illness

Adjusting to life with a chronic illness is exhausting and overwhelming. We often feel alone as we battle a debilitating fight. Demanding lifestyle changes and limited energy can leave us helpless and hopeless to experience improvement. Often, we are told to “just have a positive attitude” or even “you’re fine; get over it.”

It’s not in your head!

Chronic illness changes everything about our lives. It can make us resent our bodies for holding us back from the life we want to be living. We can end up feeling misunderstood and guilty for letting others and ourselves down.

Feel heard and understood again!

Aspire offers a safe, affirming space to reflect on your health challenges with therapists who specialize in improving quality of life for people with chronic illness. We can serve as your sounding board, advocate, and aid in stress management to improve your health outcomes.

Sessions can also provide a space to navigate family dynamics and make peace with treatment and prognosis as well.

Whether you’ve lost your spark, doubt yourself, or never feel like you’re enough, let us help! Contact us at (323) 345-1402 to schedule an appointment.