Be Enough

Who, Me?

My colleague walks into my office and says, “Hey, can you help me with something?”

I do a double-take and then remember, “They think I know something!”

I remember the moment I thought I had “arrived.” A fleeting instant when I was sure that soon after everything would be perfect. I have everything I’ve always wanted, but something feels wrong. Why aren’t I happier?

Instead of happiness, I feel empty, lost, and aimless.

People seem genuinely impressed by me and sing my praises, but I don’t feel like there is any meaning in my achievement. I feel like they are talking about someone else, and I don’t belong.

What if someone finds out that I really don’t belong? What if I lose everything?! It’s just a matter of time!

Feeling like an imposter happens to everyone.

Self-doubt is hijacking your success! Without confidence, it IS only a matter of time until people around you start to question your competence in a way that can undermine what you have to offer.

Therapy is a place to rewrite the introduction to this new chapter of life.

There are several avenues to explore as you seek to regain your confidence. One of the most important is to learn to challenge and accept the thoughts that have you doubting yourself. Undermining yourself is not a helpful process!

You will be guided to find new ways to create balance and stay present to create the resilience you need in your newfound accomplishments.

Instead of shying away from questions from co-workers, you will gain self-assuredness and interact with peers by considering new ways of fostering connection.

Explore your values to reset your life compass and realize greater meaning. What a wonderful feeling to have direction!

Take this important step for your future

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