Manage Scatter-Brain

Furious Frenzy!

I get off the phone with my mother and find myself shaking my head. She just doesn’t get it! I’m busy, and I’ve achieved a lot – but it’s not enough! I don’t feel satisfied. My mom keeps telling me that I just need to slow down and take care of myself, but how?

There’s no time!

I’m spending all my time trying to get everything done! I can’t even figure out how to prioritize; everything is important. I’m so sick of hearing that I just need to slow down! I’m missing deadlines and forgetting where I put almost everything all the time.

There must be more to life, but I don’t have the time or energy to stay on top of what is already going on!

Everyone else seems to have their lives so organized and figured out. What’s wrong with me? Sometimes I feel doomed to chaos and mindlessly reacting to whatever’s in front of me.

Take a breath, we’ve got you!

There’s a way to have more, do more, and feel better about yourself. You’ve got options.

Coaching helps you prioritize and pursue the life you want, while therapy serves to work through emotional and behavioral restraints that can keep you from reaching your goals. During an intake, we’ll discuss what makes the most sense for you.

Sessions are tailored to your availability and time. Research shows that even six sessions can make a huge difference in how you are coping and asserting yourself in your daily life.

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