Claremont Office Psychologists and Therapists

Melissa Barley-Trindle, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW63284)

I am passionate about instilling hope in situations that feel hopeless. In working with clients battling cancer and chronic illness, I’ve seen the devastating effects of health challenges on individuals and families. But I have also helped people navigate those difficulties to realize their goals in life and through end of life.

While completing my master’s degree at the University of Southern California, I worked extensively with women and children in domestic violence situations and also with college/graduate students to negotiate obstacles to realizing their goals.

I’m passionate about women’s issues and advocacy for women and the LGBTQIA community.

In my spare time, I’m a baking enthusiast and strongly believe in the therapeutic effects of the same.

Dr. Amber Blews, Licensed Psychologist (PSY30438)

You are ready to engage in personal growth and find greater meaning in your life and relationships. Maybe you are tired of just surviving and are seeking something more. Either way, you have taken the first step in seeking out help to better understand your problems. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals! 
I have a passion for helping those who are seeking growth related to increased positivity, spirituality, and understanding the mind-body connection. I am fascinated with cultivating meaning and helping others to do the same. These interests led me to become a psychologist and to author works related to self-renewal. I would like to help you find increased satisfaction in your relationships and daily life. 

I value the importance of early relationships and experiences in creating our coping skills and ways of navigating life. In therapy, we might find it useful to identify your unique experiences and use those places to explore your narrative and seek resolution. 


I have worked extensively with college students and adolescents, often related to adjustment and identity, as well as eating disorders and body image. My work has also included an emphasis on women’s issues, cancer, and gerontology.

I am interested in triathlon, cooking, travel, work-life balance, and consider myself a dog-enthusiast and budding yogini.

Dr. Stella Galarza, Psy.D., Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC4690)

Stella Garlarza

Thanks for taking the time of your busy life to learn about me and how I can help you.  I have intensive training in the treatment of behavioral and emotional problems and several years of clinical experience.  I have worked with adults, children, and families helping them to heal different kinds of trauma to foster personal growth. 

My goal is to offer therapeutic interventions to help create healthier lifestyles, comprehending each individual unique strengths and situations, and helping them to connect with their inner resources and with the tools that therapy offers. My interest is in assisting people who struggle with problems related to depression, domestic violence, stress management, social functioning, trauma, cultural diversity, and disability adjustment. Although, I work with all clients to enhance their daily functioning, their family relationships, and their quality of life in general. 

When l am not at work you will find me  reading, watching detective’s  TV shows, knitting, or  traveling.

Daniele Iturbide, Licensed Therapist (LMFT 47464)

Hi, I’m Daniele! I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). I’m an open-minded, approachable guide that can help you deal with your anxiety and improve your self-worth. My purpose is to help others overcome self-criticism so they can stop beating themselves up and create more peace within. 

I believe that we have the power to heal ourselves and therapy can guide our way. I am passionate aboutDaniele Iturbide empowering my clients to speak up, live your truth, and create healthier and more rewarding relationships. I enjoy witnessing disconnected families form stronger bonds and individuals live more authentic, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

I’ve worked with youth, families, and the LGBTQIA community for 16 years helping individuals overcome anxiety and trauma and families reconnect and improve communication. When working with me, LGBTQIA folks have an affirming place to safely express themselves and givers feel more appreciated and rejuvenated. I help people find their lost or stifled voice through humor and compassion. I honor the innate strength of my clients and strive to help you find the stability and authenticity you seek.

Outside of work, I enjoy connecting with friends and family and going to comedy shows. I’m an occasional tennis player and an enthusiastic baker. 


Dr. Zheila Ommani, Psy.D., Registered Psychological Associate

I am so glad you’ve taken the first steps towards seeking support to make changes or improvements in your or your family’s life! While I love to assist people of all ages and backgrounds, I am passionate about working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families and helping them develop and implement goals for success to achieve greater internal and life satisfaction.

Oftentimes, when we are seeking help for ourselves or our children, it is because we feel we may have failed in some way.  I approach therapy, not by looking for failures, but by creating strategies and goals focused on you or your child’s strengths, accomplishments, and needs. Together, we will highlight past successes and create strength-based strategies that can help you and/or your family regain confidence in their abilities once again.

I have worked extensively with children, teens, college students and young adults, and families across the country in New York, Washington, D.C., and especially California. I help those who are experiencing issues that impact the entire family, ranging from struggles in academic success, behavioral difficulties at home, substance use, and mental health issues, to name only a few. In all of the families, locales, and settings in which I’ve worked, I have always found one thing: people WANT to do better, and at the same time, are often doing the best they can at that moment. That’s where I come in and help navigate the complex process of achieving their goals of improvement.

I believe that in addition to setting reasonable goals, considering the wide-ranging impact trauma can have is critical to success, as we often don’t realize how even seemingly minor past traumas can influence our day to day decision-making and happiness.  I hope that I can be a part of your or your child’s journey to health, happiness, and success!

In my spare time, I love cooking, hiking, skiing, travel, and spending time with my children, husband, and several pets. 

Skyler Edward Gerard Di Ioli, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #134639)


There can be moments in our life when we feel overwhelmed and stuck. We get feeling stuck in negative thoughts,

intense emotions, or behavioral patterns that don’t serve our best interests. In the chaos, we struggle to find a
way out as we continue to use old habits that no longer help us. You may feel hesitant about reaching out for help, especially with pressure from all directions to have it all together. The truth is, everyone needs help from time to time and everyone has the capacity to heal. Beginning therapy takes courage and you’ve
already taken the first step.

My goal is to help you create a more fulfilling life. I believe the most important factor in succeeding in treatment is the therapeutic relationship. I create a non-judgmental safe space for you to share your experiences with me.
We will work together to identify patterns and behaviors that no longer serve a purpose in your life and replace them with new ways of coping. I practice from a strengths-based approach in order to empower you to make the changes necessary to feel more fulfilled and at peace with your life. Through our work together my hope is you will find more joy, purpose, and clarity in your life.

I have experience with an abundance of issues including but not limited to; Trauma, PTSD, Emotional Expression, Identity Exploration, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Parenting Issues, and Grief and Loss. I utilize several theories when working with clients because not every theory will work for each person. I am sensitive to multicultural issues and welcome working with and learning from people from a variety of background.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, spending time with family, and going to the gym.



Kelly Phillips, Registered Psychological Associate (PSB94027200)

Life gets challenging and we can’t always find a way to adapt. I believe we all can find a way to readjust and

continue on a path towards our goals. I think of myself as a guide to help clients explore the paths in front of them and help them make the best decision for themselves. At times the path of life can be long and winding or we might get stuck but my goal is to help you find a way to keep moving forward at your own pace. To continue on the path takes strength, insight and frankly some guts and I can understand how hard it can be to reach out for help.

I have experience working with children, adolescents and adults. I enjoy working with a multitude of clients of various backgrounds and learning about what makes each client unique. I aim to provide a welcoming environment where anyone can talk about any subject. Therapy is about processing life, not judging others. I have experience working with trauma, depression, anxiety, school adjustment, social stressors, identity discovery & exploration, dual or multiple diagnosis and integrating medical and emotional stressors.

When I am not working I enjoy video games, playing with my pets, logic puzzles and just watching some TV.