Live Your Dreams

Somewhere along the way…

I open an old shoebox and find a picture of a much younger me smiling up at myself. I’m suddenly lost in thought.

“What happened to my dreams? What am I doing? I settled for less. I stopped dreaming!”

My mind returns to the time the picture was taken. I’d been out late with friends at a local coffee shop. We’d just witnessed a particularly challenging poetry reading that involved so much profanity I find myself smirking even now. We spent the night dreaming big dreams together.

I talked about wanting to travel and volunteering my sustainable farming skills. Then I’d start a non-profit and better the world. Of course, somewhere in there, I would write a ground-breaking novel, fall in love, and have a family all while maintaining my non-profit.

It had been a glorious evening, but, as my gaze returns to the shoebox, reality strikes. Things started out okay. After graduating, I went on a trip to Europe for the summer, stayed in hostels, did the backpacking thing. It was amazing! Then I came back to no job and no prospects.

I applied to every nonprofit I could find, but to no avail. Positions were sparse. I settled for a retail job, and then one thing led to another.

I have a great job now, but it’s not what I dreamed about, and I don’t dream about much of anything anymore. Things feel dull and a bit empty. I feel so uninspired.

When did I stop aspiring for more?

Envision a fulfilling future again!

Life is a marathon, and obstacles can create detours so lengthy that we lose sight of our dreams. Monotony and purposelessness set in, and we find ourselves both awestruck and saddened by our previous fervor for life.

We may feel hopeless and even helpless to change our path and to climb to greater heights. Daunted by what feels impossible, we settle and struggle to find meaning.

Therapy can help you reconnect with yourself. Re-evaluate and re-invigorate your passions! Life doesn’t have to be one without dreams and hopes for the future.

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