Another sprint to meet a deadline.

The alarm goes off: Three hours of sleep; how am I going to survive today?!

I drag myself out of bed and start brewing the largest cup of coffee possible.

There’s no way I’m going to get through today! Why didn’t I start this sooner? I can’t keep putting things off. No one else seems to do this. What’s wrong with me?

I always push deadlines to the last minute, and disorganization is my middle name. I need to grow up already, but every time I try – it goes nowhere.

Maybe I have ADHD.


ADHD is one of many explanations for procrastination and difficulty with time management. While ADHD is stereotypically associated with disruptive and impulsive, often male, children, that is just one face of many for ADHD.

For teens and adults, inattention symptoms may seem to show up “out of the blue” when life’s demands escalate or lifestyle changes.

Flying under the radar

Shifts in the amount of structure we have in our daily lives, changes in our support system, and even physical injuries can mean we start to exhibit ADHD symptoms or find that our once endearing last-minute nature is now something other than cute.

If we don’t have hyperactive/impulsive symptoms or manage them well with exercise, teachers often don’t pick up on a problem. This is particularly the case for smart students. That means that you could successfully complete high school, college, even portions of graduate school by “getting by.”

Life is disorganized and chaotic, but somehow you managed to get through it until… it wasn’t working anymore.

It isn’t working anymore!

Let us help you to resolve this once and for all!

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