Adult Therapy

Another couch…

We sit, without speaking, staring at one another.

My therapist understands my feelings, but that doesn’t mean anything is going to change. What am I supposed to do with my feelings?!

I struggle to bring myself back into the present.

What had I been thinking about? Oh, right, I was thinking this is not going well and is doomed to fail. I’ve tried this before. How can I forget!? It was a disaster!

What is it they say? Live in the now in a self-actualized way. Self-actualize; great! What does that even mean?!


Therapists often talk about self-actualization. They use different terms, self-realization, self-discovery, but what does that look like in the real world?

Self-actualization is the goal at Aspire Therapy.

We strive to help you to gain insight and understanding so you can plan and change your life in small ways to make a larger, long-lasting impact. We define self-actualization as living a meaningful, purposeful, and intentional life.

We need to be able to experience all our feelings to find our purpose. Worries about the future and unresolved feelings from the past can hold us back from living in the now.

Control the Pendulum Swing

Therapy helps reduce the pendulum swing.

By appreciating and experiencing your feelings, gaining insight into your thoughts and behaviors, and realizing what you find meaningful, you can live the life you want – now!

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