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Customize your Homeschooling!

We identify their learning level and help you to construct a curriculum that fuels their love of learning.

Homeschooling is bringing up many new realities for parents.  Many of us weren’t trained to be teachers, and even those who are teachers are facing a new frontier!  Children learn so many things outside the curriculum while at school.  It can be easy to overlook whether class material is meeting their individual learning needs, but it is nearly impossible to overlook the same while educating at home.  With the pandemic, parents are becoming much more attuned to their children’s learning processes.  Many of us are struggling to keep our kids engaged and excited about their education.

Something feels off, but what?

Are they tuning out, melting down, or just not that into their school work?  We often default to assuming our kids are lazy if they aren’t engaged with their schoolwork, but, more often than not, they are either overwhelmed, under-stimulated, or both!   The work they are doing might not be meeting their educational needs.  

Let us help tailor the curriculum to your child!

We are offering academic screening and learning consultation to help parents identify more effective methods of homeschooling.  Whether it’s identifying grade-level instruction for your child or coaching parents on ways to manage material and the school day, we are here for you. Help your children stay afloat and thrive while studying at home. 

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