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We are all feeling stuck right now!  Everything feels different and uncertain.   Many of us don’t have a grip on the “new normal”, but are taking it one step at a time.  Everything might seem fine, but then we can be overwhelmed with stress or sadness. 

The uncertainty and isolation can be too much!

It might seem like others are managing just fine.  Maybe things are fine, but the ups and downs are akin to riding the stormiest tides of uncertainty superimposed onto our already stressful lives.  Everyone is having moments of acute anxiety (Did that person just cough?), moments of sheer frustration (I just want to go somewhere and do something; anything!), and moments of despair (This will never end!).

There is no “right way” to feel about any of this.  We can still build resilience and healthier coping; we can still find greater meaning and purpose in our daily lives.

Aspire’s therapists are offering telehealth sessions to help you learn to navigate the changes we are facing.  Reaching out and connecting with a therapist is the first step to finding a way to weather the storm.  We help consider new ways of coping, providing a safe online space to reflect upon and process our current realities. Therapy can increase the number of “okay” and hopeful days we have.  It can help us feel stronger and clearer about how we want to spend this time.  Sessions are also available for those struggling with loss, trauma, or conflict.

With all of this time spent together, many of us are becoming more aware of communication breakdowns in our love lives and within our families.  It’s challenging enough for us to cope with our own ever-changing moods, let alone to try to make sense of the emotions of those around us.  It’s common to default to invalidating each other and to feel even more alone in these challenging times.  Aspire provides couples and family sessions to navigate these tensions. Let us help you forge strength, find purpose and reconnect with one another.

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